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Here is the story of Estelle

A little known story but yet one which relates to other pregnant women,everyday,acrossthe world.

Estelle was born on 8th of August 1984 in Lesquin, France. Her name comes from Occitan - estela - which means “star” and you will soon see why this was perhaps not by chance.

From a young age, Estelle concentrated on the simple things in life. The kind of things that make you happy: family, friends, all the people who are close to you and those with  whom you spend the best moments of your life. Estelle was devoted to them. She used to love giving advice and her time to them, in the sometimes difficult moments, without expecting anything else in return. It was her philosophy of life.

At 19, she met Benoît, the man of her life. They were happy and made, as they say, a perfect couple. They took time to reflect, to talk and to plan their future. In 2011, they bought a property. That marked the first step of their lives together. Although it was a ruin, they decided to renovate it and make it into the house of their dreams, a house where they would grow old together, but above all, where they would have a family.

In 2014, they received the news they were hoping for: Estelle was pregnant! They were overwhelmed with joy. At the time, everything was going brilliantly and no one could imagine how things could be anything but perfect.

The couple were particularly close to Benoîts brother, Arnaud, and his wife Emmanuelle. They lived in London and the parents-to-be often paid them a visit. Estelle and Emmanuelle were like sisters and loved spending time together in the nicest areas of the capital city. Estelle was actually very attached to this city.

It was then the evening of New Years Eve, 31 December 2014 and Arnaud and Emmanuelle had gathered all the family in London. A time of joy and happiness that Estelle loved so much. The full term of pregnancy was approaching and marked the start of wonderful year for the couple. However, upon arriving in the evening of New Years Eve at Arnaud and Emmanuelles, Estelle started to feel a pain that shed never felt before. Such was severity of the pain that Estelle was rushed to hospital. Several tests quickly highlighted preeclampsia and during the night Estelle was kept under observation. Unfortunately, further complications occurred and the situation became very serious, bringing about the decision to induce the birth of the baby in order to save both their lives.