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Estelle indeed developed the most severe form of eclampsia known as HELPP syndrome. Her vital organs were badly affected: the loss of blood platelets meant that her blood was unable to clot.

After a caesarean under general anaesthetic, Estelle gave birth to a beautiful little boy - just 4.4lbs - called Hector. Yet, while the medical  team did everything they could to save her, Estelle developed a

brain haemorrhage. Just when the condition was thought to be under control, Estelle left us suddenly, as quickly as she had given life and didn’t even have the chance to hold her baby son in her arms.

Later, doctors diagnosed eclampsia. In the case of Estelle and her baby, the hospital staff did everything in their power to save them.

Some research points to the possibility of there being certain precursory signs but they still have to be recognised and people

still need to be aware of the potential risk of eclampsia: 15% of pregnant women are affected by a form of eclampsia with

 severe or less severe consequences. Among the warning signs are gastric refluxes (in 90% of HELPP cases), the presence of proteins in urine and hypertension.

Preeclampsia and eclampsia are not widely spoken about. Furthermore, very little research is done to grab attention on the subject, in order to explore new treatment and new ways to prevent it. For these reasons, it is sometimes difficult for doctors to recognise the symptoms.

Otherwise, Estelle could have been saved and Hector would have grown up with his mother.

Unfortunately Estelles story is not an isolated case.

It happens again and again across the world, every day.

The charity Star Eclampsia and HELPP Foundation has been set up to raise the profile of this illness

The name of the charity is modelled on Estelle, using her name and her personality: a star which acts as a guide and helps people who need it.

Just like her, we put others first and want to help those affected by this illness as well as their friends and family.

With your support, we hope to see one day every family benefit from the miracle of life.