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What’s Next ??

Benoit is now facing the reality of being a single father and raising his child on his own.

Ensuring that Hector is brought up knowing that his mother loved him more than he would ever know.

Knowing about her family, her heritage, her culture and the life she had lived and all she held dear.

This would guide Hector into growing into the decent, responsible man Estelle would have wanted him to be, to pass on the

inner light that Estelle carried inside her and would have taught Hector herself if she had been given the opportunity.

There were and still are a lot of unanswered questions along the path for Benoit and many other men in his position. These can include how to provide the nutrients and nurture the way a mother would. The attendance of baby groups being the only male there, and most importantly at what stage the child will understand their situation is different and when they will be able to fully comprehend why and how it happened.

Emmanuelle has watched Benoit and Hector throughout the journey so far, and created this charity to ensure that the fathers and children that find themselves in this situation know that they are not alone. The Star Eclampsia and HELLP Foundation is there to provide advice, support and connections to others going through it. To help emotionally, mentally, physically and financially whilst trying to promote research in the hope of moving forward.