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To create awareness of Pre-Eclampsia to ensure safe pregnancies and saving the lives of mothers and their babies. To provide professional help and support for the family affected, towards a brighter future.


Distribution of information in medical centres, pharmacies, clinics and other areas. Development of preventative measures.

To raise funds for family support and research on treatments.

 To create more diverse support groups, online networks and community forums.


Liaise with the NHS, private consultants and specialists, GP’s, and health clinics to assist in

developing preventative procedures.

Providing flyers, brochures, booklets, presentations and other collaterals to hospitals, maternity units, clinics and pharmacies informing about the condition and the importance of antenatal care.

Run campaigns to raise awareness through talks, Gala Dinners and sporting events. Then further increasing profile by publishing these on online networks, media, press and national campaigns.

Raising funds through donations from online and event campaigns as well as other networks.

The Charity’s Vision